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Differences Between Palm Coast and Cape Cod

March 20, 2012

Carpet Cleaning in Cape Cod

Well, it's been 24 years that Go Green Clean Carpet Cleaning has had the pleasure of serving the Flagler, Volusia, and St. Johns counties since moving here in March of 2000 from "old Cape Cod, Ma." and have been privy to the many changes this area has experienced over that short span of time. Aside from handling the carpet cleaning needs of many wonderful customers. We have also been able to serve the community through several outreach, charitable and church organizations. There is nothing in the carpet cleaning business world that can give you the satisfaction of the giving back experience. Nothing beats the giving of your time, resources, abilities and money to help out those less fortunate. Carpet cleaning business should not be all about success and profits and notoriety.

The Differences Between Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast FL and Cape Cod MA

I'm asked how carpet cleaning business is different here in Palm Coast, especially over the past 24 years vs 20 years on Cape Cod. And that's a tough question to answer in just a few words. But some things are obvious:

First, people are people no matter where you live and work. Everyone wants a carpet cleaning deal, great service/value for their hard earned money and want to be treated with respect especially in their own homes. Seems though that people here are a lot more budget conscious, perhaps because the income level is so much less and overall the carpet cleaning market is more competitive at "cheaper advertised pricing" (to be addressed next) and folks just expect the Florida lifestyle to be cheaper than where they come from.

Second, is "the Land of Many Scams" syndrome. Yep, I hate to say it but a million carpet cleaning scams seem to get birthed here and that is especially true in the carper cleaning sector and more specifically the Carpet Cleaning business. The old saying let the buyer beware holds true here. We have, despite the deceptive tactics of the competition, maintained and succeeded with a Scam Free—Christian Values mentality and will continue to do so as long as our Creator will have us here. "Do what you say you can do and do it for the price you agreed on" is the premise on how this carpet cleaning company was formed. Many of the BIG named Cheap Advertised Priced carpet cleaners are the ones you would never want to do business with again once you found out the carpet cleaning price you were given was not the price you actually ended up paying (often triple or more).

Third, I would have to say from a carpet cleaning business regulation perspective this area is reasonably carpet cleaning business friendly and there seems to be plenty of support and resources like the Chamber of Commerce and local SCORE affiliates that can be easily assessed. The City Offices here in Palm Coast I've found to be very friendly and cooperative with folks that actually have a sense of humor and some personality.

Fourth, the growth although slowed still shows promise and we feel that the folks here remain hopeful and resourceful.

Fifth, the weather, oh the sunny warm weather, you can't ask for anything better! Not shoveling snow and feeling like your gonna freeze to death makes living here all that much better.

And last but not least the God factor: We are so blessed to live in a place that actually has more churches than bars (at least for now). I believe this area has an amazing foundation for spiritual growth and shows it by the number of Christian and related faith based organizations here and believe people here really appreciate and support Christian Values businesses.

In conclusion we here at Go Green Carpet Cleaning appreciate your support and carpet cleaning business and ask that you continue to seek out scam free local carpet cleaning businesses and keep the resources in you communities. It's good for all of us!

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