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How Often Do I Need Carpet Cleaning?

March 23, 2016

Carpet cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

Without a doubt, one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Go Green Clean is "how often should I have my carpets cleaned"? Although this is somewhat of a subjective question with factors such as the amount of traffic flow, traffic patterns (which ares are the most heavily walked on) and what are the conditions of the subjects feet/shoes etc in Palm Coast, FL. that are walking on them can make a difference as to frequency of carpet cleaning.

Factors Effecting Your Need for Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

Let's use a couple of examples: Let's say that your carpet cleaning goes up to the typical point of entry into your home or perhaps there is a slight transition to the carpet cleaning areas. You are now coming into your home and it's been raining outside, your shoes are now wet and maybe even tracked in some of the dust, dirt or even mildew from your walkway. Guess what gets attracted to the carpet cleaning (yes, even with a transition of tile or other hard surface!) This is an obvious scenario but lots of dirt gets stuck to your shoes even when the outside environment is dry and many times times the stuff stuck to your feet or shoes can contain some harmful contaminates. Transition or entry mats can help alleviate this problem. Where you walk and how you walk can also have an effect on traffic patterns and the amount of wear and dirt your carpet cleaning experiences.

More Kids or Pets = More Frequent Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

Another "Frequency Factor" in how often you should do carpet cleaning comes from how much time you spend indoors and "who" is living there. Let's face it, kids can be a wee bit trying on a carpet cleaning and lets not forget the critters and their shortcomings. And always remember that the sooner a stain is addressed by a carpet cleaning the better the odds are of it's removal in Palm Coast, FL. Now, there are lots of variables in the How Often To Do Carpet Cleaning question and there is no one answer that is right for all conditions but the basic/general rule of thumb is a minimum of 1x per year to a more ideal rate of 2 x per year. A more radical answer is actually a question: "How often do you wash your clothes or how long do you wear your clothes before washing them and do you wait till they are totally filthy before washing them"? (Remember that your aren't walking on your clothes.) Although this is a rather radical carpet cleaning approach it does make one think a little more about the importance of carpet cleaning and sanitary carpet cleaning and floor surfaces in Palm Coast, FL. There is also a greater benefit to more frequent carpet cleanings for our more sensitive allergy sufferers where pollutants falling and sticking to your floor surfaces can make a huge difference in alleviating allergy sources.

Go Green Clean can custom tailor a carpet cleaning maintenance program that is right for your safer/cleaner home living conditions and we would be honored to set up a carpet cleaning schedule that's just right for you! Have questions? Please give us a call and let our 45 plus years of carpet cleaning experience go to work for you in Palm Coast, FL.

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