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How We Are Different From the Other Carpet Cleaning Guys

September 20, 2014

Go Green Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

We are often asked the viable question "why are you so different than the other guys in this business of carpet cleaning carpets and upholstery"? Let me start by saying that "no one system is right for carpet cleaning all surfaces or fabrics"! This has been our benchmark quote for many years and it is OH so very true.

First let me give you a brief background on my experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Back in 1980 we created a carpet cleaning supply business on Cape Cod which lead us to experience a vast array of carpet cleaning chemicals and equipment. We literally got to see every system out there and could sort out the good from the bad to the ugly. There is NO better way to get to know what truly works than to get some "hands on" experience with ALL the products out there without bias. This is something a lot of those so called franchise guys don't get. They simply go with what they are hoodwinked into believing is best and nothing more. Of course they will promote their gimmicks and don't honestly care if there is a better/safer way to to carpet cleaning. Not all carpet cleaning companies are bad, some are actually quite good and really try and do the right thing but do your homework and check the references to see if they are credible. We've seen it all and know what works and what doesn't. 43 years in the business will do that for you.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, Florida

The various systems we use here at Go Green Carpet Cleaning are tried and proven and we have every confidence they are the best technologically in the carpet cleaning business today. Besides the super efficient equipment we use, our chemicals are the safest ecologically, do a great job of carpet cleaning and when the process is done there is no harmful residue left. Often times we end up rinsing out the detergents the other carpet cleaning companies have left behind. And remember "there is no one system or chemical that is right for all surfaces". Watch out for the "too good to be true gimmicks" that just don't make sense! Some systems, like the so called 'super-powerful' truck or trailer mount systems have some serious draw backs that we discovered, like having the need to keep your doors opened to accommodate the long lengths of hose needing carpet cleaning, allowing bugs, lizards, snakes and other critters into your home which is not where you want them, as well as letting your cool air out and is one of the many reasons why we chose not to use this process. Also beware of the so called "dry chemical" processes that promise 1 hour drying and no residue. There is no carpet cleaning chemical that really cleans stains and dirt that won't leave some kind of a residue which can cause color fading, discoloring or more rapid re soiling. Unless there is a rinsing process, what you put in there is staying there. Remember, we have had hands on with all these types of systems and know them very well. Our systems are state of the art, high efficiency, controlled moisture, quick drying and portable (no doors left open).

Highest Quality Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, Fl

Last but not least we recognize that you can have the best carpet cleaning system and carpet cleaning equipment in the world but if the carpet cleaning technician doesn't have full knowledge of what they are doing or what the conditions are that they are dealing with it all goes for not! All of our carpet cleaning personnel are rigorously trained, uniformed and closely supervised by the ownership of Go Green Carpet Cleaning, hold a stake in the company and are held to the highest carpet cleaning industry standards (as well as Gods standards and values).

We here at Go Green Carpet Cleaning want to work for your confidence and for you to become a carpet cleaning client for life and promise treat you that way!

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