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How We Measure Success

September 18, 2013

Success in Palm Coast, FL

Question from Palm Coast: What is your measure of success?

First, let's define success as the world sees it. Would you not agree that success is reflected by wealth, favor, eminence, titles, social status, degrees, influence, accomplishments, notoriety etc? Let's face it when we look at some one in a fancy car or one who lives in a grandiose house, or one who has all the worldly toys and possessions we think to ourselves, "man that person has it made, they are so successful". Or we can look at someones position or career and say "man they are so lucky, now that's success"! This transcends from so many career paths be it business, politics, entertainment and yes, even the church. It's O.K. to admire someone's accomplishments but we are taught, according to Gods precepts, to never covet what another person has. This is when we can turn from admiration to envy, which is never a good thing, and could lead to wrongful greed and personal destruction.

Secondly, lets look at business success. Personally, I've always looked at a businesses size, profitability, and prominence as the measure of success. Too often in the past we as a company have compared ourselves to our competition and what they are doing in their growth and marketing influence. That strategy, we here at Go Green Clean, have come to realize is counter-productive to what God has had in store for us. Our true "success" is no longer based on being the biggest, most prideful, and most profitable carpet and upholstery in our area but rather how we relate to the people we serve. This is not simply a matter of doing the highest quality work at the fairest prices but how treat and respect our customer base. I grew up in a family service business and my dad always taught us to "autograph our work with excellence". So I would say that our true measure of success today would be based on how our customers view our workmanship and ethics. This is where our pride is directed and we at Go Green Clean hope we can raise the bar for all others in business. The Bible says in Galations 6:4-5: "Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done and won't need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct."

So are we proud of "our" personal accomplishments and what we are doing to effect the world around us in a positive way or prideful and desirous of another mans success. How do YOU define success? Now compare that to what God's measure of success is: "My Good and Faithful Servant". Is our success and how we got there acceptable in the eyes of our God. Something to think about!

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