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Personal Contact Networking in Palm Coast, FL

September 18, 2012

Coffee in Palm Coast, FL

Recently I visited our local outreach coffee shop, the Fair Trade Cafe, here in Palm Coast Florida and had the occasion to have some lively conversation with several of the patrons and working staff there. What a great impromptu way to get to know folks you know little or nothing about! And also for them to get to know you and what you do for a living. On this particular day I had the "Go Green Clean Carpet Cleaning" van with me and I realized that even some of the folks I fellowship with in bible studies, church, and so on, didn't know that I actually owned Go Green Clean and created most of the advanced cleaning techniques that we are utilize. Then the questions begin on the secrets we employ in getting difficult things clean (by the way our competition calls us for some of this free info from time to time). All of our staff is trained to be open and forthright about our techniques and basic product line and the expectations that they can have for what a process or product can produce.

Go Green Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, Florida

In all the conversation one lovely lady asked me how soon I could come out to her house to clean her carpets. We made an appointment for the next day and a job that would normally take about an hour turned into 2 because of the wonderful conversation we had about our roots in New England, places we had in common and a discussion about family. You see for us here at Go Green Clean we want to know our customers, relate to our customers and even on occasion pray with or for our customers (we are a faith based company, after all ). Our Go Green Clean philosophy has always been to give the best service and do it on a personal level. We believe in the adage "treat others as you would like to be treated "and sometimes you might even be treated to great cup of coffee and a real good story or two (or three). Alas, the power of the spoken word in all the right places.

Blessings, Gary
Owner of Go Green Clean

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