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Pets Vs Your Carpet

March 19, 2015

Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

Pets: Can a Carpet Cleaning Company Restore Your Carpet in Palm Coast, Fl?

Being the proud owner of a rather sizable golden retriever (95lbs., BooBoo) and an enormous Hemingway cat (20lbs., Belle). I know that doing carpet cleaning and keeping things sanitary around our house can be a bit of a challenge. Now we all recognize the fact that doing carpet cleaning and keeping a dander free environment is significant to good health and for many allergy sufferers can be a matter of life or, well, not so good a life we might say. What pets bring into our homes, beyond love,entertainment and joy, can some times be ominous. Things like dirt, pollen, fleas, ticks, salt, sand, miscellaneous plant life forms(hitch-hikers) and oh so much more. Then you have those other indoor related issues like "oops, sorry humans I couldn't hold it any longer", or "oops I ate the stuff I just know you didn't mean to put in the trash and something might have gone a little bad in there." There are many reasons, pet related, why we here at Go Green Carpet Cleaning and floor cleaning get calls for help and for most of these conditions, time is of the essence. We get this concept and react as quickly as possible to "FIX THE PROBLEM" with a thorough carpet cleaning. Once we get your call for a carpet cleaning that is!

But as annoying as these mishaps can be and as unsanitary as they are, there is one thing we tend to forget and that is how do these conditions effect our pets. Not only that but what kind of effect is there on our pets with the products used to to carpet cleaning up the messes they leave (by the way, in defense of them, not all pets make as big a mess as we humans make)? We here at Go Green Carpet Cleaning are very sympathetic and professionally trained to recognize the problems and reverse/correct them safely and effectively. We know that as much as people are concerned with pet messes and how they are addressed to keep them safe from disease and allergens most are also unaware that the processes used can either positively or negatively effect their pets health. Go Green Carpet Cleaning gets a large contingent of inquiries about the safety of the products we use and how they may effect their pets. We respect and applaud these pet loving owners and wish more people would be as concerned with what all their service providers are using in and around their homes.

Excellence in Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, Florida

Personally, my golden retriever Boo, does suffer from allergies. Some his skin problems come from grass pollen so doing the most we can do to keep him bathed and keeping our home as free from dust as possible (lots of vacuuming and dust mopping) helps him and us human occupants.As a side bar we have also learned that if we buy dog and cat foods that are free of Corn (G.M.O's) as the primary ingredients (first listed on the contents list) that both our dog and cat are much healthier and freer of skin problems.

What we use not only for carpet cleaning but also our tile and wood floors is a big factor in our pets health. Some chemicals can get picked up on their paws as residue and we all know that pets lick paws as well as their fur picking up chemical residue when they lay on affected/treated floors. All of the products we use here at Go Green carpet cleaning are pet and human friendly and are always rinsed out in the final carpet cleaning process. This goes for all flooring surfaces: carpet, tile wood, as well as upholstery, drapery and carpet cleaning.

Removing Pet Stains in Palm Coast with Carpet Cleaning

Besides the aforementioned pet related stain and carpet cleaning problems another concern with many of our pet buddy customers is the issue of odors. Now most would think of urine or feces odors but a bigger and sometimes harder to remove odor comes from the oils in the pets skin or coat. This comes from a variety of factors from normal skin excretions to those stemming from allergies or disease or even your critter rolling in "who knows what". Oops, did I forget the rare but potent skunk spray dilemma. Some odors are rather simple to remove with over the counter sprays available. But many more are much more difficult to remove and won't be budged a bit by perfumed cover up sprays that simply mask the odor for a short time with Mr. Stinky soon returning and sometimes with a vengeance. These kinds of odors are often bacterial related and need professional type chemicals to combat the problem. We here at Go Green carpet cleaning make it a habit of keeping up with the latest in technologies and processes as well as the use of age old "tried and proven" techniques to help solve these difficult issues. And you can rest assured that whatever Go Green carpet cleaning uses will take you and your pets health and well being into careful consideration before using any process.

Trust the folks in the know—Trust Go Green Clean for all your carpet cleaning needs. We promise not to be "RUFF" on ya and you'll say we're the cats "MEOW".

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