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Should I Replace, Restore, or Clean My Carpets?

September 24, 2015

Carpet Cleaning in Palm Coast, FL

I get, from time to time, calls from carpet cleaning customers asking me to look at the condition of their carpets and wanting advise as to whether to replace them or clean (even restore) them. Of course there are several variables involved: how old, how worn, how have they been previously maintained (meaning regular vacuuming and carpet cleanings, including methods used), how is the color (still vibrant and not faded) what is the condition of the padding, what is the quality of the carpet cleaning and structural integrity, are there odors (pets etc.)and most significantly what is the COST to replace. Now, I'm not a carpet cleaning salesperson and the Go Green Clean carpet cleaning company is not in the carpet cleaning & replacement business so we don't estimate those costs be we do give practical advise on replacement options and what we think will work best for our carpet cleaning customers particular (or peculiar) needs. We look at variables such as types of carpet (styles and fabric cuts and shapes), the materials used in production, colors, what and how it will be used for, length of life expected, etc.

44 Years of Experience Restoring and Cleaning Carpets in Palm Coast

After 44 years in this carpet cleaning business we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to right and wrong applications for the different varieties of flooring out there. Example: the carpet cleaning customer that was sold an 80 oz. wool custom cut pile white carpet (very expensive) in a house that was situated right on the beach on Cape Cod. After only a month or two of being exposed to salt air this beautiful new white wool carpet was turning a dingy yellow/brown color, a reaction of white wool being exposed to moisture from humidity, salt air and sun. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the carpet cleaning often smelled like a wet sheep. Although we were able to reverse the curse and restore the carpets "natural look" we had to advise the carpet cleaning company and the customer that this was the wrong application for this type of carpet which was eventually swapped out for a more practical synthetic, man made, fabric which finally solved the problem. Then there was the rental property that had installed a plush, light colored, cut pile carpet that was continually getting trashed by the many renters who kept spilling Kool Aide etc. on the carpet. We had suggested the use of a nice commercial, solution dyed, carpet with a nice designer pattern to it that would hold up to pretty much every kind of stain and would easily release the dirt and stains with normal carpet cleaning procedures. OOPS! Again we here at Go Green Clean carpet cleaning have no vested interest in carpet sales but love to give wise and experienced advise whenever we can to help our carpet cleaning customers when they are about to make this kind of significant investment in their homes.

Now, all this being said, when and if you need to replace your carpeting is something that we can and love to sit and help our carpet cleaning customers with. And the best part is IT'S FREE. We also love the challenge of restoring a carpet that many think has seen it's better days. Sometimes we even amaze ourselves with the results we get. This comes from many years of carpet cleaning experience, product knowledge and having some of the best high tech carpet cleaning equipment the industry has ever seen and knowing how to use it and what works best for each unique situation. Realtors and Property Managers have relied on the Go Green Clean carpet cleaning techniques for years to save carpets from having to be prematurely replaced saving bundles of money for their clients and helping them close deals.

So do you replace or restore/clean carpets? Give Go Green Clean a call for a free and honest evaluation. If Go Green Clean can't clean it nobody can. Hope to serve you soon! Go Green Clean, a scam free Christian values company. Gal. 6:4

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