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The Golden Ring

March 18, 2013

Gold ring in Palm Coast, FL

What I love the most about our carpet cleaning business is the experience of meeting new people and seeing the smiles on their faces when we are able to exceed their carpet cleaning expectations and sometimes even a little twist to the day.

Hi, I'm Gary Guinette of the Go Green Clean and we recently had a pleasant twist to a rather challenging carpet cleaning job of restoring an old, worn, well stained carpet here in Palm Coast. The carpet cleaning customer was a referral from a local Pastor whose parents were very ill and suffering from varied degrees of dementia and were moved to assisted living. While sweeping up the bits of debris from the surface of the carpet during the carpet cleaning (a bit of packratting was going on) we ran across a ring on the carpet. It was a gold band, yes, actually a wedding ring that the daughter had missed when cleaning up and prepping for us. She was so surprised and overwhelmed that we found this ring belonging to her dad, which was missing for a long time, she immediately placed it on her necklace which I'm sure is were she'll keep it as a memoir of her dad for a long long time. Yes, she was floored (bad pun) by how good the carpet cleaning came out and has become a customer for life but what is the most reward-able to us is to see a carpet cleaning customer develop a real and personal relationship with us and how God can work in very cool ways where least expected. Go Green Clean to the rescue once again (and glory to God).

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